The 'Sturdy and Handsome' Vauxhall Mokka

The 'Sturdy and Handsome' Vauxhall Mokka
Guardian Journalist, Zoe Williams reviews her experience in the Mokka

The “handsome and sturdy” Mokka “acquits itself pretty neatly”, says Zoe Williams in the Guardian.

“Despite its versatility, I was happiest in town. It’s an automatic and shifted gears smoothly, without complaint. The steering was biddable."

“I was impressed by a number of things: the acceleration is sharper and more aggressive than you expect; the drive is swift and grippy. The cabin looks functional at first, designed for the kind of people who spill drinks, but after driving for an hour or so, I’d happily do the same again. I’ve sat in far pricier seats bellyaching about the posture and fabricating reasons to stop."

“Functional, user-friendly sat-nav and USB connections are so much the norm now that it seems faint praise, but there’s lots of entry-level celebrity detail, electrically controlled wing mirrors, and tinted windows.”

Williams concludes: “Plenty of people – it might even be most of us – want a car that rises to a broad sweep of occasions, with enough boot space to use it as storage when the recycling guys are on holiday. This is that car.”

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