Top Gear Excited About The New Insignia Grand Sport

Top Gear Excited About The New Insignia Grand Sport
Top Gear tells its readers they “really should be excited” about the new Insignia Grand Sport.

In a recent article, Top Gear spoke about their excitement about the new Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport.

“It’s up to 175kg lighter than before, despite being pretty much the same size,” writes Stephen Dobie.

“Good for fuel economy and handling. The latter is also helped along by optional all-wheel drive, with fancy torque-vectoring to shuffle the power around all four wheels.

“‘FlexRide’, meanwhile, provides the option of ‘Sport’, ‘Standard’ and ‘Tour’ modes for the suspension, steering and throttle response. It’ll even loosen the stability control a bit in ‘Sport’ mode.

“Shorter overhangs than the outgoing Insignia yield a 92mm-longer wheelbase. You might notice it’s more svelte than before, too: the roofline is 29mm lower, the driver’s seat sunk by the same amount and the track widths between the wheels 11mm bigger, too. Once again, better for handling.”

With Vauxhall’s “lovely” Monza concept the main inspiration for the styling, the Insignia Grand Sport boasts a “more streamlined shape” that yields a drag coefficient of 0.26. “That’s equal to the Vauxhall Calibra, which upon its 1989 launch, was the most aerodynamic car you could buy.”