Vauxhall OnStar

The Vauxhall OnStar is Europe’s first a personal service assistant that allows you to connect with a trained advisor, or if you have an accident, it automatically calls for help no matter what the time. The service is available 24/7, 365 days of the year. It also enables you to access a whole range of services including roadside assistance and vehicle diagnostics.

In fact, you don’t even have to be in your Vauxhall to be able to access the OnStar service. You can call from any phone, or use the official Vauxhall OnStar smartphone app wherever you are.

How Does OnStar Work?

In the event that you have an accident and cannot call for help yourself, OnStar reacts for you. The second your airbag inflates, Automatic Crash Response opens a direct line to a trained Vauxhall OnStar advisor via the hands-free speaker phone. At the same time, the OnStar sends a report to the Vauxhall Service Centre with information such as location, travel direction, vehicle colour and crash damage. If the report warrants it, emergency services will immediately head to the scene.

OnStar is also there for you if you break down or in case of a medical emergency. The Service button calls an advisor who can phone a breakdown team to come out to your location, while the SOS button allows an advisor to send your details to the relevant emergency services, which will then immediately come to your aid.

What Are The Other Benefits to OnStar?

You can use Vauxhall OnStar to create an in-car Wi-Fi hotspot that can support up to seven devices. The OnStar smartphone app can display key diagnostics, locate your vehicle and lock and unlock your doors remotely. If you forget your smartphone or lock yourself out of your car, call the OnStar advisors who will be able to lock, or unlock it remotely. Simple.

If you find that your car is not where you parked it OnStar can confirm it’s been stolen. Once reported to the police, your advisor can use the crime reference number to start searching for its location. If the thief turns off the engine, OnStar can deactivate the engine – effectively immobilising your car so that the police can recover it. OnStar can also help keep your car in optimum condition with vehicle diagnostics that provide up-to-date information on your car’s health and the necessary steps to fix any problems as soon as possible.

Need directions? Ask your OnStar advisor, who will then send the address straight to your vehicle’s navigation system so you’ll never feel lost again.


Your Privacy is Number One

Once registered and activated on Vauxhall OnStar, you will have a PIN to safeguard services such as Remote Door Lock/Unlock and Stolen Vehicle Assistance. You can also prevent OnStar from accessing your car’s location by pressing the Privacy button and this will only be overwritten in an emergency. Vauxhall will never sell your information, it will only be used by OnStar and selected third parties.

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